Jan 29, 2015

Vegan Ghanaian Chicken and rice

Another super simple and easy vegan dish - this time inspired by the classic "Chicken & Rice" from Ghana.

I used myself-made seitan (klick here, to see the recipe) as substitute for the chicken and it was delicious! I really liked, how all the flavors worked together - the sweetness from the peppers, the saltiness of the soy sauce, the taste of citrus and the spiciness. Yum!

Give it a try! ^^

course country time difficulty
main Ghana 30min easy

Serves 2

I used the same method as in this recipe.

imperial metric
8oz 225g Seitan
2 EL soy sauce
1/4 cup 60ml orange juice (100%)
1 garlic clove, pressed
2 tbsp oil
1 big bell pepper, red, chopped
1 onion, chopped
1 garlic clove,chopped
2 tsp curry
2 tsp paprika powder
1/2 tsp cumin
1/4 tsp or more chili
7oz 200ml coconut milk
to taste salt


Preparation 12-24h ahead: marinate seitan in orange juice, soy sauce and 1 pressed garlic clove If you're in a hurry, you can skip this step and add these ingredients directly to the dish.
  • strain the seitan but save the marinade for later
  • set up the rice (see link above)
  • in a pan, heat some oil and cook seitan and onions on high heat until evenly browned
  • add chopped garlic and pepper and roast a few minutes together
  • add spices and stir
  • add marinade and coconut milk
  • if the consistence is to runny for your taste, mix 1 tsp starch with a bit of cold water in a small container, add it to the sauce and bring to boil (there's also gluten-free starch, if you're sensible to gluten)
Serve seitan ragout with rice and chopped cashews

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