Jan 24, 2015

Self-made granulated vegetable broth

I think most people don't realize, how SIMPLE it is, to go without all the convenience, instant and super-processed broth products with loads of preservatives, flavor enhancer and other strange and non-pronounceable ingredients.

You just need some nice soup greens, some salt, a blender and an oven. You can even skip the oven part and use your veggies as paste for you soup. It's as easy as that and especially that much healthier.

course country time difficulty
Basics - 10min + 2.5h drying time easy


imperial metric
1 lb 500g soup greens (I used carrots, leek, celery roots, parsley)
3 tsp salt

This recipe is like a base to build on, you can use any soup greens you like and you can add more herbs and spices to fit your taste.

One example: if you plan on doing an soup inspired by the Asian cuisine, add ginger and/or lemongrass to you recipe!

  • clean your vegetables and chop them in big pieces
  • add pieces and salt to a blender and chop finely
  • spread everything on a lined baking sheet and put into oven for ~2h at 170°F/75°C - leave the oven door ajar
  • use a fork to loosen up the mixture every ~30 min or so
  • turn the heat off and leave for another 30min in the oven
  • fill in a suitable container and keep in a dry and cool spot
You can skip the drying process if you're in a hurry - the vegetable paste works just as fine (picture above), it's just more perishable (about 2 weeks in the fridge). When I make this recipe, I usually dry half of the chopped vegetable and use the other half freshly. When you use the paste for a soup, you can fry it in some oil before you put the water in, to get a nice roasting flavor.

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