Jan 20, 2015

Self-made dulce de leche

Do you know what heaven tastes like? I know since the first time I tried "dulce de leche"...
For everyone, who's not familiar with this traditional spread from South America: it's so creamy, sweet, caramelly ... hmmmm.

And yes, it's a sin, it's almost completely made out of sugar, but honestly...sometimes you have to treat yourself, and these times are made for dulce de leche ^^.

You can use it as spread on you pancakes or bread, as dip with some fruits, as filling or glace for your bakeries, just how you like it.
Some (like me) like it with a bit of salt, to balance out the sweetness and make it a holistic experience.

course country time difficulty
spreads&dips Argentina ~2h easy


imperial metric
about 2 tbsp butter
1.5 cup 300g sugar
1 package vanilla sugar
pinch salt
1 cup 240ml milk
1 cup 240ml condensed milk, 10% fat, unsweetened


  • in a medium pot, melt butter on medium-high heat and add sugar, vanilla sugar and salt
  • wait until the sugar begins to melt
  • add milk and condensed milk and reduce and stir until the sugar is completely dissolved
  • turn heat to the lowest setting and cook for at least 45min up to 2h
  • the time highly depends on your stove and pot
  • the dulce is done, if it got a nice caramel color and has the consistence you like (test by applying a small amount on a small plate)

Serve f.e. with fruit snacks or as sandwich! Enjoy!

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