I'm 30 years old and live in the big city of Berlin, Germany. I'm actually a scientist in the biologic field, but alongside my study and graduation cooking became more and more my greatest passions.

After I moved out after school, I started with basically zero prior knowledge because we almost always had convenient food at home. During my study - almost always broke - I started to experiment with the simplest and cheapest ingredients and worked my way up. Over time, I started to cut out more and more convenient food, because I wanted to cook dishes with simple, fresh and healthy ingredients...and I felt great!

Today, I really enjoy the creative factor of cooking, all the possibilities and combinations. I love to mix sweet and savory flavors, I love spicy food and love to try new ingredients from around the world!

...my blog

My blog is about the vegetarian cuisine and all the possibilities to process fresh and healthy ingredients into delicious dishes.
I want to show that living without meat should not mean you have to sacrifice you joy of food and that instead, there is a full world of vegetarian dishes full of variety waiting to be tasted!

...my equipment

My equipment is absolutely basic and mostly DIY. I use my simple digital camera I have for years now (Samsung EX1) and because I can't use any natural lighting here, I built myself a simple "studio" to get my pictures well lit. I changed the setting a bit over time, as you can see from my first pictures, but now I'm pretty satisfied with the results.

For the lighting, I use two halogen flood lights, opaque polystyrene glass and clamps that I bought for a few bugs from the hardware store and an old cardboard and a black t-shirt as neutral background.

So there is no need to feel discouraged, when you don't have massive amounts of money to spend on expensive equipment!
Top left: complete setting; top right: cardboard support;
Bottom: same exposure time, light off and on....wooosh ^^

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