Jan 6, 2015

Hazelnut pear crumble

I had lots of pears left from my New Year's Eve buffet and I finally wanted to use them up. I had in mind to use them for a nice warm sweet-fruity dessert and because we love apple crumble, I tried this variation with baked pears and hazelnut crumbles. The use of brown sugar instead of the white one gives this dish an extra caramelly flavor.
It wouldn't win a beauty contest, that's for sure, but really...who cares! :D

And the best thing: it's super easy and done in no time!

course country time difficulty
Dessert Britain 10min prep + 15min oven easy

Serves 4, more like 6 normal people ^^

imperial metric
2 lb 1kg pears
1/4 cup 50g brown sugar
2 tsp cinnamon
1/2 lemon, juice of

imperial metric
1 cup 100g ground hazelnuts
6 tbsp 80g brown sugar
3/4 stick 100g butter, soft, or vegan margarine

  • heat oven to 350°F
  • cut pears in pieces and remove the cores
  • put them in a baking dish and mix with sugar, lemon juice and cinnamon
  • mix all the ingredients for the crumbles and distribute them evenly over the pears
  • bake everything for about 15min until golden brown

Serve with vanilla ice cream or whipped cream and enjoy! :)

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